This amazing class was taught by my coach and mentor Pam Dunn.  As a parent of strong-willed boys of her own, she is a great source of insight into my parenting skills development.  She focuses on your emotional intelligence by teaching skills for understanding yourself and others.

I know– these two videos are packed with a lot of great information, but for those of you that are like me and prefer reading for learning new information, here is some of that I learned during the course that you can use with your parenting (and really any communications that have emotional charge).

Learning point 1: We communicate way more with our tone and our body language than we do with the words we use.  The younger your child is, the more he will listen to everything but your words.  

Learning point 2:  Listen and learn to adjust your own tone before you help others with their tone of voice, especially your family.  Mirror effective tone even in the most stressful situations to teach your children how to do it themselves.  This is one of the keys to emotional intelligence and emotional well being.

Learning point 3: To transform your tone, focus on the feeling first during a pause. Once you have identified the feelings that go with it, move to the specific ways Pam Dunn provides to transform how you approach the situation.  Look at the table at the end of her article to learn more. Another key to emotional intelligence and emotional well being. 

Recently we posted a chapter from Pam’s new book Its Time to Look Within.  The chapter is about noticing your tone of voice and the tone of voice of others.  She gives what each tone means and what to do to transform your tone or help others change their tone to something that will be more effective.  Check out the table at the end.

And look our for more on this subject in coming weeks. I’m still getting used to this new power to hear the meaning behind the meaning.

Tone: the verbal expression of our feelings

To learn more about this course and her other courses check out her website.